Hello to all the Bloggers out in the Blogosphere,

I am new to blogging and I am so excited because this blog is going to be about one of my favorite things: books!

I love reading! Absolutely love it. I started what I like to call “serious reading” when I was thirteen years old. At first it was just a few books every now and then, but after a while reading became my whole world. Now I read about 4-5 books a months! From my freshman year in high school to my freshman year of college I have read over 150 books! It’s a lot right? That’s how serious I am about reading.

Throughout this blog, I am going to be discussing various topics, such as, best sellers, recommendations, book-movie adaptations, book comparisons and more.

For any and all book lovers out there, I encourage you to share your thoughts, comments, suggestions and even book recommendations of your own!

I hope you enjoy this blog!