I want to start off this blog by doing a book review of The Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn.

The whole series is my favorite consisting of 14 books. It’s a lot I know but it’s totally worth reading. The first installment is The Midnight Hour which about a young werewolf named Kitty (oh the irony) who is a radio DJ. Nobody, not even her own family, knows that she’s a werewolf, however she is exposed by a bounty hunter who is trying to kill her. And that leads to a whole slew of adventures throughout the upcoming books.

One of the reasons I like this series is because it involves the supernatural, which I’m a fan of and it also tells the story of a young woman who rises through the ranks of her pack and becomes her own person. Kitty was the baby of her pack but as the series goes on, she continuously discovers something new about herself. And as she does, she becomes more self-sufficient, independent and confident. Another reason why I like this series is because each book provides a new plot and new challenges. I don’t want to spoil anything just in case somebody decides to read it so I’m not going to discuss what they are. Sorry.

This book also has a bit of romance, drama and of course, sex (what books doesn’t now-a-days?). Not to mention there are vampires, faeries and even a genie involved.

I hope this book review has encouraged you to read or at least check the first few books of the Kitty Norville Series. If anybody has any book suggestions or books they want me to review, please feel free to comment and share them.

Until next time!