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Let’s talk about some of the clichés that plague our lives on a daily basis. Whether they appear in books, movies, tv shows or whatever, clichés are all around us and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

The reason why clichés work so much is because once an idea becomes popular and successful everybody starts to do it! And after a while, its become annoying as hell but you just can’t seem to turn your head and look the other way because the clichés have got you hooked. One prime example is the cliché romantic relationship between two characters.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like romance. I’m a romantic person and I love love. However, I can’t seem to read a book now-a-days without the main character and his/her best friend hooking up! Whenever I read a book, no matter what kind it is (supernatural, true crime, detective series, etc.) I am always going to assume that somebody, somewhere, somehow is either going to have a crush, flirt or just all out have sex with some other character in the book no matter how insignificant said character may be. And this whole process is (like is said before) annoying as hell.

I remember when I was in middle school and I started reading this series by James Patterson called the Maximum Ride series. It was about a group of kids who were created in petri dishes in a lab and they were 97% human and 3% bird. They later rebel against the scientists who created them and start their own journey around the world. To my 14, 15 year old self I thought the book was pretty cool considering that the main character, Max (who is a female btw) was pretty badass for a 15 year old. But then in the third book, her best friend Fang kissed her!………and I’m just like…..whaaaaaat?! The romance between those two shocked me because even though they’re members of the opposite sex they were best friends. And you don’t kiss you best friend like that!!!!! As time when on and I started getting into the rhythm of reading I noticed that same pattern; the main character whether they be male or female will always (or at least sometimes) fall in love with the best friend. Sometimes, it won’t even be the best friend. It could be the bad guy of the book, a random stranger they ran into a few years back, a dog maybe, even a damn hobo on the damn street! No matter what somebody is falling in love! I’m actually surprised if I read a book and nobody is in love. Shoot. That would surprised the hell out of me.

The funny and ironic thing is that no matter how frustrating that romantic cliché is, I still can’t help but root for their love throughout the story. Because like is said before: I’m a romantic. I love love.

*sigh* Judge me if you want. I said what I wanted to say. If anybody has any clichés they want to discuss please don’t hesitate to comment.

Until next time!