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So a little while ago I did a book review on two books, Hot-Blooded and Cold-Blooded, and they were a part of the New Orleans series by Lisa Jackson. I finished the third book last night (or more so morning because it after midnight when I finished) and it’s called Shiver.

In this book it’s all about Montoya. A woman named Abby Chastain is still haunted by the fact that her mother leaped to her death  at the mental institution where she resided, Our Lady of Virtues. A series of religious murders are being committed and staged to look like murder-suicides. But we all know better. Montoya comes to the realization that every one of the victims were connected to Our Lady of Virtues in some way. And possible Abby’s mother’s mysterious suicide. Bentz does show up in the book but not until the end.

One thing that is getting on my nerves is that everything is somehow connected to something else in the other books. Which is perfectly fine in some cases but now it’s constantly being portrayed in, like, majority of the series. Remember in the first book, Hot-Blooded, Sam Leeds was a radio psychologist at the local radio station (if you don’t just click here to see the book review I wrote)? Well, the radio station where she worked has been mention in the third book as well as the second. I’m not so sure about the fourth. It seems like everybody the police talks to works at the station or has a friend who works at the station, or a friend’s cousin’s aunt…you get the point. But anyway, sometimes I feel as though some authors go overboard in trying to connect their books together but that’s just me. What I liked about this book is that the killer was not who I expected to be. At all! Which is kind of the point in these types of books but sometimes you can kind of guess the killer. But in this book, the killer was a shocker. And very random I might add.

Overall, I liked the book and I give it a 3.5 out of 5 like I did the last time.

Until next time!