Is it just me or does anybody else tend to drift off or fall asleep when reading?

To tell you the truth, majority of the time I’m reading at home in my bed. Which makes sense as to why sometimes I get real sleepy or tired in the middle of a book. But what about when I’m not in my bed? If I’m reading a book on the bus or at school or somewhere public my mind still tends to wonder and I start thinking of random stuff: “remember that time when me and such-and-such went to the beach and got sand in our hair?” or “I wonder what I’m going to do this weekend” or “did I do my homework? oh crap what if I didn’t?” And the thoughts just keep on rolling. then I come back to reality and think “I need to pay attention and read this damn book.”

I believe that if you put me in a room by myself with no furniture, no electricity or whatever, I would still either fall asleep or wander off in my mind somewhere.

But that’s just me.