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It has occurred to me about a month ago that the Hunger Games and Divergent have similar things in common. Therefore, I want to do a book to book comparison of Hunger Games and Divergent.

*Caution*-if you haven’t read the book or seen the movies and you want to, there may be spoilers. You have been warned.

  • Both books have separate “states.

In both books the inhabitants are separated. In the Hungers Games, everybody is separated into districts; districts 1-13. In Divergent, everybody is separated into factions; abnegation, dauntless, amity, erudite and candor. However, the “states” themselves are different. The districts are based on location and each district is responsible for different labors. For example, district 12 is responsible for coal mining, while another district is responsible for the production for agriculture and another for the production or lumber, etc. But the factions are based on emotions and feelings (selflessness, fearlessness, kindness, intelligence and honesty).

  • Hostile Takeover

There is always that one person who wants everything for themselves. Yes, President Snow is president over all the districts but as president you would think that his motives are purely innocent and he wants what’s best for his people. WRONG! It may have started out that way, but believe me, it didn’t end that way. Plus, districts 1-5 are part of The Capitol, the rich people. And because of their ignorance they are just as responsible for what happens in the book. In Divergent, Jeanine who is the leader of the Erudite faction, creates a mind controlling device so she can control the Dauntless faction and have them fight for her. Once again, everything did not go as planned.

  • Both girls are heroines

Like in all books there is a hero. Or in this case a heroine. Both Katniss and Tris have to, essentially, save the world from the bad guy. But they have different motivations. The only reason Katniss participated in the Hunger Games in the first place was to save her sister who was originally picked. She ended up changing the rules of the Hunger Games and instead of one victor, there were two (herself and Peta). From that moment on she became The Mockingjay; the face of courage and freedom who would save all the districts from President Snow. However, Tris’ situation was a little different. In Divergent, there is a ceremony done every year where young adults who come of age are allowed to switched factions. Tris switched from Abnegation to Dauntless. Later on, Tris discovers that she is divergent; a special kind of human who exhibits all five traits and not just one. And because of her uniqueness, people want to kill her. Her, along with other divergents, have to stop the leader of Erudite (Jeanine) from taking over and killing the members of other factions. Even though their reasons for saving the world are different, they both still exhibits qualities that come with being a hero/heroine.

  • Love interests

Both females have love interests but in Katniss’ case she is torn between two guys, Peta and Gale, while Tris’ only love is Four.

  • Siblings

This may seem like a silly comparison but both characters also have siblings; Katniss has her little sister Prim and Tris has an older brother named Caleb. In the Hungers Games, Katniss would do anything for Prim and is always by Prim’s side when she needs to be. However, in Divergent, Tris and Caleb don’t really see eye to eye. Granted, they do love each other, but later in the series, Caleb decides to go off on his own and ends up joining forces with Jeanine.

As I said before there are spoilers. If you read this post and are now mad because of the things you have read then that’s too bad. I did warn you in the beginning. Anyway, that’s my short but brief list of things the Hunger Games and Divergent have in common. If anybody else has anything they would like to add, please feel free to comment.

Until next time!