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This is going to be a book review/movie adaption of The Maze Runner.

I actually wanted to read this book a couple of years ago but it wasn’t until the movie came out that I was prompted to do so. Of course, I read the book before the movie. How else was I going to critique it? Let’s get started.

The book is about a boy named Thomas who ends up in this manmade society, surrounded by this hundred foot maze, known as the Glade with a bunch of other boys. He has no memory of who he is or his life before. Then something astonishing happens…a girl is sent to the Glade for the first time ever. In her hand is a message stating she is the last one. What does it mean? Thomas along with the Gladers must decipher the maze to find out.

I really like this book because, along with Divergent, the plot is different and unique and it keeps you guessing as to what the next adventure is and why the characters are being put through this whole situation. I give it a 5 out 5.

I think the movie did a very good job of portraying the plot. There are a couple of scenes that weren’t in the book and the movie kind of tweaks the scenes that were in the book. But overall, I liked the movie.

I have read all four books of the Maze Runner series…however…I just found out that there is another prequel to the series!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I’m very excited to read it. Now, I haven’t seen the Scorch Trials movie but I have seen the trailer and already it seems like the director or whoever has screwed it up. A friend of a friend has read the book and seen the movie and he does indeed say that movie doesn’t entirely correspond with the book. Regardless, I want to watch the Scorch Trials anyway so I can form my own opinions. Let know what you think.

Until next time!