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About a week ago I was watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and every time I watch that movie I always think of this book I read called Monkey Wars by Richard Kurti. So, I said to myself, why not do a book review on it. So here it is.

Monkey Wars is about this ongoing feud between the power hungry Langur monkeys and their enemy the Rhesus monkeys. Young Langur monkey, Mico, divulges into the secrets of his group and is appalled by what surfaces. In an attempt to make things right, he befriends a Rhesus monkey named Papina and secretly helps homeless others of her kind. As the book continues, the war between the two species goes on and Mico must choose between his family or the Rhesus.

One of the reasons I like this book is because it’s from the point of view of a monkey. It was different and out of the ordinary. The plot of the story is a little cliché. Which brings me to the similarities and differences it has with Planet of the Apes.

  • In Planet of the Apes, all the primates banded together as a force against the humans. In Monkey Wars, it was only a feud between Langur and Rhesus monkeys. There are some other monkey involved in the story, mostly portrayed as barbaric, aggressive primates who have no place among others of it’s kind.
  • In both the movie and the book, there is always that one individual who wants to take over and have all the power. They may even revert to killing the previous leader to speed things along.
    • Piggybacking off of the previous bullet, the new leader sometimes will try to convince a young and naïve individual to partake in their scheme. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t.
  • In the end, there is going to be some kind of fight.
  • One major different between Planet of the Apes and Monkey Wars in that Monkey Wars is strictly between monkeys. There is maybe one chapter that mentions human and human civilization but that’s it. The Planet of the Apes, humans were the main enemy.

Another reason I like this book is because it’s relatable. One can also take the plot and apply it to human conditions. We humans have a similar way of running the world: through a hierarchy. There is the leader (president, king, prime minister, etc.), the loyal followers (citizens of the country) and the people who makes the laws (government). More often that not, the government are the ones who constantly keeps things from the citizens whether it’s for their own good or not. The government, probably keeps stuff from the leader of the country as well. Like the leader in Monkey Wars and the second-in-command Koba from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, there is always that one person or persons who plots, plans and what for the right moment to take over.

So in conclusion, this book is different from other books that I have read. If you like Planet of the Apes, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to like Monkey Wars. Please let me know what you think.


Until next time!