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Hey everyone!!

I’m continuing my dedication month to author John Grisham soooooo…..this time I am going to be reviewing the book A Time to Kill.

This book revolves around Carl Lee Hailey, a southern black man who is on trial for killing two men who raped his 10 year daughter. To make matters worse, the men are white. This story is actually based off of a case Grisham heard about from his days as a lawyer. A lot of Grisham’s books are set in the south because that’s where he grew up so prepare yourself for a lot of racism in his novels. The rape scene in this book was kind of harsh and graphic (I’ve read/seen worst like in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) but that part is still a little hard to read about. As I said in my previous book review about Grisham’s style of writing, he gives a lot of background info about the characters but it’s not boring. Towards the end of the book one of the jurors gives a very compelling speech that almost made me cry. And this is actually kind of a turning point in whether or not Hailey goes free or not. This story also reflects on the sacrifices and situations some of us are willing to go through for our loved ones. It also shows the injustice of the legal system especially when it pertains to matters of race. This book was written around the 90s I believe but you can still apply to the way things are now in 2016.

The movie version of this book was nice. Samuel Jackson plays Carl Lee Hailey and Matthew McConaughey plays his charming but cocky lawyer Jake Brigance. I think both actors did a great job especially Jackson who was so emotional and true to the character throughout the whole movie. Sandra Bullock was in the movie as well but I think they could’ve gotten someone else. It’s not that she was a bad actor but her character was the young, pretty, no-nonsense type and feel as though Bullock didn’t show that. Granted Bullock is pretty but she didn’t seem young enough for the part or “tough” enough in a way.

I give this book a 5 out 5

Although short I hope anybody is encouraged to read this book. I also did a review on The Confession so don’t be afraid to check that out as well.

Until next time!