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I am still continuing my John Grisham dedication month. This review is going to be on the book The Firm

*spoiler alert* just in case.

Mitch McDeere plays a new lawyer entering into the workplace. He takes a job with a law firm in Memphis and the position has everything he’s ever dreamed of; great car, nice salary, big house. But the firm has secrets and Mitch finds himself working with the FBI to expose the firm while trying to fight for his life.

This book will make you emotional, mostly because of the firm’s invasion of privacy and blackmail. The firm also kind of plays down the role of women, whereas the women have to stay at home, be housewives and take care of their children. While the men go out and be the breadwinners. However, the book is still a good book because of the major secrets the firm is trying to hide from everybody, including their new employees. Once the new employees have worked for the firm for a certain amount of time, they are informed of the illegal doings of the company. But once they know, they are in the firm for life. And the company will protect their assets by any means necessary. That is why Mitch McDeere is on the fence about working with the FBI.

The movie was ok. Tom Cruise played Mitch McDeere and Jeanne Tripplehorn plays his wife Abby (some of you may know her as Agent Blake from Criminal Minds. I was surprised when I found out that was her). I thought Tom Cruise matched the book character but I didn’t like Tripplehorn as his wife. One reason is because they didn’t like right together as a couple. Plus, Mitch and Abby are a young couple graduating from college and Tripplehorn didn’t look young enough for me. I’m not sure how old she was when the movie came out though. The ending was corny. At the end of the book, the characters are playing this game of hide-and-seek/keep-away with the FBI. But that doesn’t happen in the movie. Instead Mitch and his wife drive off in peace. BORING!!!! #theendingsucks.

Anyway, as always the book is better than the movie. So, I encourage you to read the book. It doesn’t have that same heart-pounding, nail-biting plot as The Confession but there is a level of suspense in it.

Until next time!