This is such a good idea

Tales From An Open Book

Last March Break, we had a fun event for teens called “Book in a Jar”.  You can read all about how we ran the fun program right here. While we’re not doing that this week, we have our ongoing “Book Jars” at the front desk to help you find a new and interesting read.

Book JarsWhat are Book Jars all about?

We thought this would be a fun way to help people who are looking for something new to read. Just choose a jar based on what you read, pick out a piece of paper, and then go find the book! (If you take the book, please don’t put the piece of paper back in the jar….someone will be looking hard for a book that isn’t on the shelf.)

We chose books that were getting a lot of attention, books that other people recommended, and books we loved ourselves. So…

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