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Some time ago, I stated that I will be doing book reviews dedicated some of my favorite authors in the month of their birthdays. Last month, I dedicated the month of February t0 John Grisham. I reviewed a number of the books I read by him: The Firm, The Chamber, A Time to Kill, etc. I would like to continue doing so with a different author.

Famous author James Patterson’s birthday is in 2 days. March, 22. Although I am not prepared to do a book review I would like to talk about why I like Patterson in the first place.

So, back in January, I did a post talking about clichés and I mentioned one of Patterson’s book series, Maximum Ride.

Maximum Ride is about a group of kids, created in petri dishes who are 97% human and 3% bird. They rebel against the scientists that made them and embark on a journey around the world. I started reading Max Ride when I was in middle school, around 13 or 14 years old and I found it very catching like a lot of Patterson’s book. The plot was different, original and I liked the cast of characters that were introduced. In some of Patterson’s book the chapters are short. Meaning that there are probably around 80-100 chapters in each book but the chapters themselves are about 3-5 pages. I absolutely love this because with this way of writing it doesn’t drag out the story. Sometimes, I’m reading a book and the chapters are around 15-20 pages. It’s not that long but depending on the content it can get pretty boring.

I also read the Witch and Wizard series and the Confessions series.

The Witch and Wizard series is about brother and sister pair, Whit and Wisty, who live in a society where magic of any kind is not allowed. However, it turns out that both kids are indeed a witch and a wizard (hence the name of the book). They must work together and strengthen their powers in order to take down the city’s dictator, The One. Confession is told by Tandoori Angel, a young women whose parents were killed in the middle of the night. There are no leads and evidence leading to the person who committed the crime. Tandy must rely on her own wits in order to bring her parents killer to justice.

Just like, Maximum Ride, these two books have original plots and interesting characters. I would recommend these books to others. However, they are more so tailored to middle school students, so one may not be so willing to read them depending on their age.

James Patterson also writes adult books although I haven’t read any of them. One of the more popular books in the Alex Cross series. My best friend has read all three book and she absolutely loves it!

James Patterson in one the most recognized authors of our time and I encourage people to read his work.

Until next time!