I know that this blog is supposed to be about books. And book reviews. And movie adaptations. And favorite authors. And, well….you get the point. However, I going to switch up just this once because of my sociology project.

So I’m taking Soc 115 which is essentially Gender Studies. In this class, we have to split into groups, pick a social problem and then come up with a way to inform people about that problem and how to fix it. So, my group chose the sexual double standards between men and women. We plan on surveying people, film them and hand out pamphlets. We will then use the answers to create our own graph/ statistics. If you would like to participate in this survey please answer the questions below and leave your age. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your age, leaving an age range is fine. Please be completely HONEST.

1. What come to your mind when your hear the word “slut”?

2. Can a man be a slut?

3. How would you insult a promiscuous woman?

4. How would insult a promiscuous man?


I really appreciate the participation.


Until next time!