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So, last week two things happened to me:

  1. I finished reading Dorothy Must Die, which I enjoyed
  2. I watched the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials movie which I didn’t enjoy

I first heard about the story Dorothy Must Die, when I was in Barnes and Noble. I like to go in and just browse when I have time before work and it caught me off guard. In the book, Dorothy was somehow able to return to Oz and turns everything upside down: good witches are bad, bad witches are good and Oz is devoid of magic due to Dorothy’s insatiable thirst for power. Along comes Amy Gumm who travels by tornado from Kansas to the desolate Oz. She joins up with the wicked witches of Oz in order to bring Dorothy down.

What I liked about this book is that it was evenly paced. It didn’t waste a lot of time giving the reader unnecessary background on Amy’s life. It got straight to the point of what Dorothy did to Oz and why Amy needs to be the one to kill her. While keeping the original cast of characters (Glinda, the tinman, scarecrow and the lion) the story also introduces new characters that adds twist to the plot. I give the book a 5 out of 5.

A couple of days later I watched The Scorch Trails, the next installment of the Maze Runner series. I knew from the trailer that this movie was not going to be accurate. And I was right.


In the Scorch Trials, Thomas and the Gladers are released into The Scorch, the next step in WICKED’s plan to find a cure. They must battle the heat, natural disasters and a different form of Cranks none of them have ever seen before. Unfortunately, the movie absolutely, in no way, shape or form stuck to the script of the book.

1) The movie made it seem as though the boys had a choice of going into the Scorch when they didn’t.

2) In the book Teresa was separated from Thomas and put in the girl group equivalent of the Gladers (known as Group A) and Teresa was replaced by Aris who was the only boy in the girl group. The Gladers didn’t know about Group A until the middle of the book. However, in the movie, when WICKED captured the boys were actually told that there were others like them (boys and girls) and they even dined with them in a cafeteria in WICKED’s compound.

3) Teresa stayed with Thomas and everybody else throughout the movie even though she wasn’t suppose to.

4) There was a revolutionary group by the name of the Right Arm that Thomas and the Gladers were looking for but the way they found them in the movie was TOTALLY different from the book.

5) When WICKED found them with the Right Arm there was a whole big standoff between both groups that sure as hell DIDN’T happened the same way in the book.

The only accurate part of the movie that corresponded with the book was probably when the group met Jorge and Brenda and even that scene was a little different. BTW I think the actress who played Brenda was a good match, physically to Brenda in the book, so kudos to that.

Overall, the entire movie was screwed up. It wasn’t like the book was so boring it had to be remade. If anything the remaking made it worse. If the director or producer or whoever stuck to the script of the book the movie would’ve been better. I give it a 2 out of 5.

Until next time!

PS- the link to the Scorch Trials movie has comments backs up my position on the situation.