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The Wicked Will Rise is the Second book to the Dorothy Must Die series. I did a review on the first one and if you would like to see it please click the following link: Good vs. Bad

After the battle between the protagonist, Amy Gumm and Dorothy, Oz is slowly regaining its magic. But things are far from normal: Oz has yet to regain its full strength, The Revolutionary Order of Witches is missing and Amy must journey across the land with Ozma, Oz’s rightful queen. In addition to the Tin man’s heart, she must steal the Lion’s courage and take the Scarecrow’s brain in order to save the place she now calls home.

Like the first one, this next installment got right to the point of the plot. Throughout the book Amy gets a little taste of dark magic which gives her character a dark tone and it leaves you asking if she will fully succumb to it or not. Without trying to give anything away, Amy’s relationship with the warlock, Nox is developing but there is another character that also leaves you wondering if there’s anything going on between them and Amy. However, the book did seem a little rushed considering it had about 28 chapters to the first books 40+. The first book was evenly paced whereas with this one I feel as though the author could’ve added more to it. I give it a 3.5 out of five.

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P.S.: I recently subscribed to Pinterest and I follow  collections of book boards and I thought some of you would like this link about 16 books being turned into movies in 2016.