Don't Gobblefunk Around With Words

photo-20160425072210775 Photo prompt provided by Graham, author of the blog grahamisjustmyname.

“Table for four, please,” the old man requested. The new waiter took him to the middle of the room, wondering whether the other three would soon arrive. He brought four menus to the table, then settled back behind the bar to polish the glasses. He frowned when no one came, but shrugged it away quickly. Customers were customers, he was not one to question them.

“We’d like two kids’ menus, the lasagne and the steak please,” the old man told him, after he beckoned the waiter over. “Oh, you wanted the salmon? Sorry, my dear,” he said, before turning back to the waiter. “Change the lasagne to salmon, please. I must have been dozing off while she decided,” he added to the waiter putting his hand so that only he would hear. Then he laughed loudly and happily looked at…

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