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I finished reading the last book to James Patterson’s series Confessions of a Murder Suspect and like the others I enjoyed it!

The series in composed of four books and in order to do a review on the last book I’m going to give you a brief summary of the others.

The whole story starts off with Confessions of a Murder Suspect, in which the parents of 16 year old Tandoori Angel are found dead in their high-end apartment. Tandoori and her brothers are the prime suspects although they swear they would never hurt their parents. Tandoori is now set out to uncover who killed her parents and why. Young, wealthy women are being murdered in the Private School Murders and in walks Tandoori Angel, ready to solve the crime. Then suddenly, not only is she reunited with her long lost boyfriend in the Paris Mysteries but she uncovers hidden truths about her family and her family’s pharmaceutical company. And lastly we have The Murder of an Angel.

Someone is trying to kill Tandoori Angel. When Tandoori learns of secrets about her family’s medical company she threatens to reveal those secrets to the world if the company isn’t shut down. However, someone, somewhere is opposed to the idea and is determined to silence Tandoori once and for all. Convinced that she is not crazy as some people think, Tandoori will stop at nothing to bring forth justice.

I probably mentioned before that James Patterson is one of my favorite authors and I absolutely love his books. I like this series because it has a strong female lead (which I always enjoy.) She’s tough and fearless but she also has a sensitive side that she doesn’t reveal too often. The book was evenly paced, didn’t have long chapters, as is the norm for Patterson and there was also a little bit of comedy and situations I could relate to. One thing that could’ve been better was the reunion between the Angel family and another character (I will not say!). In the last chapter everything was happy and honky dory but I feel as though this certain reunion should’ve been a little more dramatic and heartfelt.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the ending of this series. I give it a 4 out of 5.

A couple of days ago I came across an article by the website ScreenRant and they composed a list of the 15 worst YA book to movie adaptations (Twilight was on the list. Go figure -_-). Some books I agreed with, some I couldn’t. But enjoy!

Until next time!