The Book Wars

Notes from the Wild

Five Finds is a sporadic feature on my blog in which I share five books that match a given theme/subject/topic. Topics so far have included Fiction for Budding Cupcake Moguls, Picture Book About Birds and Wordless Picture Books.

The themes/topics for my Five Finds posts are inspired by actual interactions I’ve had with patrons in the library, and friends/family members outside of it. My mother was a nurse, and friends and family members would often seek out her advice for their various aches and pains, even in the middle of a Christmas dinner. Funnily enough, the same sort of thing happens when people find out you’re a librarian. I always find myself getting asked for book recommendations, but seeing as I could honestly talk about books all day every day, I really don’t mind!

This brand-new Five Finds feature celebrates YA novels starring or featuring wheelchair-using protagonists. Young…

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