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A couple of days ago I finished reading Lost Souls which is the fifth book to the New Orleans series by Lisa Jackson. I was going to do a review but then I realized I haven’t done a review for the fourth book, Absolute Fear. So today I’m going to do two reviews.

Absolute Fear follows the story of Eve Renner who is recovering from being shot by her boyfriend Cole. However, someone is stalking Eve, luring her back to the Our Lady of Virtues asylum where her mother was institutionalized and jumped to her death. Or did she? Eve wants to put the past behind her but someone is not letting that happen. What I like about mystery books is the guessing game of who killed who. However, I think I mentioned before that in one of Jackson’s book, the killer was obvious. However, it wasn’t so in this book. In fact, there was more going on in the story that met the eye and once I found out who the killer was I was shocked. I give it a 3 out of 5.

Lost Souls follows Kristi Bentz, the daughter of Detective Rick Bentz. She goes back to All Saints college after suffering from a tragic accident attempting to get her life back on track. Ironically, four girls have gone missing from the school over the past year and nobody seems to care. Due to their past histories everything assumes that these girls just ran away. But Kristi doesn’t believe it for a second. Something weird is going down at Al Saints that have something to do with the missing girls and she’s going to find out what is is.

I like that Jackson finally wrote a book from Kristi’s. It was inevitable but still. Like in the previous book when it finally revealed the killer, I did not see it coming. Another thing I like  about Jackson is that at the end of the book, when the killer is about to be revealed, she goes back and forth between different characters to build up the suspense. I also give this book a 3 out of 5.

I can’t wait to tell you about the sixth book, Malice. It gets soooooooooo craaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!!!! But that’s another blog waiting to be written 😉