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It’s time for another review from The Orelans series that was written by the wonderful and talented author, Lisa Jackson. I said earlier this week that I was going to do this review and now here it is. I’m writing it at work, no less. But don’t tell 😉

Malice is the 6th book to the New Orelans series. Rick Bentz has just woken up from a coma and is convinced that he’s seeing his late wife Jennifer. Many just think it’s part of the healing process, others think he’s crazy. But Rick Bentz isn’t crazy. Therefore he ventures back to California to uncover the reason why he’s seeing his ex.

This book was CRAAAAAAZZZZY! Kind of like Gone Girl crazy but more entertaining and less serious. Like with all mystery books it’s fun to guess who the killer is and this book did not disppoint with it’s surprises. The lengths this mysterious character went through was just cruel, crazy and unecessary. But it works! It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I honestly did not want to put the book down. Once again Lisa Jackson has kept a great balance of mystery and suspense. It was evenly paced, which I alway enjoy and it didn’t introduce too many characters which I also liked. It was all about Bentz and his stubborn hunt for the truth. By far it was the best book by her that I’ve read. 5 out of 5!

There is another book by Lisa Jackson that is not a part of the New Orleans series but it was good! And I also enjoyed reading it so much I couldn’t put it down. But that’s for another post 😉

Speaking of Gone Girl, here are a couple of books to read if you liked the book. Personally, I want to read The Girl on the Train.