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Has anybody heard of Jeffrey Deaver? He wrote the book The Bone Collector, which was later turned into a movie with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie? No? Well, anyway, I have just finished another book written by him called the Cold Moon and it….is…..good!

The Cold Moon follows Lincoln Rhyme and his partner/lover Detective Amelia Sachs as they try to catch a seriel killer calling himself The Watchmaker; so named because he leaves a clock at the scene of the crime. Once the intelligent, stubborn and determined quadraplegic starts working on a case there’s no stopping him. But once the trail starts to get hot it takes a turns he never saw coming.

And you really don’t see it coming. This book had not one but two plot twists! Seriously, once you start getting into the thick of things and think that you have it all figured out, the author turns right around and surprises you by going in a whole different direction. I like the fact that the book gets right into the plot, however, I think that the plot was a little bit exaggerated. Meaning that the author gave one of characters a little too much to do. And in some places you think “Really? That’s a lot.” I mean what that one character did seemed a little too far fetched even for fictional writing. But I did like the character of Kathryn Dance who was a nice addition.The next book by Deaver is called the Sleeping Doll which is a part of her series by the way. This book is the seventh book to the Lincoln Rhyme series but it doesn’t make you seem like you’ve missed something from the previous books which I appreciated. I give it a 4 out of 5. I didn’t read the Bone Collector because I already saw the movie so I already know who the criminal is. But read the book then watch the movie. That’s my advice to you all ☺

Now I have to say that Lincoln Rhyme is not very fond of people. So….here are some books for people who don’t like people. 😎

Until next time!