I know my followers like books and writing. Why not #ShareyourShelfie!

The Book Wars

In the beginning of the month, I launched the #ShareYourShelfie movement because I love looking at other peoples’ shelves. We didn’t get many submissions sadly BUT I have decided to make #ShareYourShelfie a monthly thing…as long as we have even one submission, there will be a post on the last day of the month.

We do have some interesting shelfies for your viewing pleasure this month. The first one comes from Shenaz Kermalli:

Shelfie 1

She says:

Attached is a pic of some of my bookshelves… Not really possible to do a selfie as the shelves are pretty high up. Most are based on politics and religion, with some random Canadian fiction and poetry thrown in. I don’t arrange them in any particular order as I like to always see the range of genres out there and remind myself again of the scattered world we live in. From the horrifyingly destructive…

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