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If any of you are fans of Criminal Minds then you should definitely read this book series!

Krissy Willis is the five year old daughter of Judge Hope Willis who is kidnapped from her school one afternoon. With the help of Casey Woods and her team of specially trained investigators they found out that the disappearance of Krissy could be linked to the kidnapping of Hope’s twin sister Felicity 30 years ago.

Casey is a behaviorist with a degree in psychology, her second-in-command Marc is a highly trained ex-Navy SEAL, and Ryan is a techno-wizard. As the story progresses a few more characters are introduced to the team. The book is like an episode of Criminal Minds. However, half-way through you can kind of figure out who took Krissy however you don’t know the why and that’s the exciting part. It was fun to see how Casey was able to psychoanalyze the suspects and read their facial expressions just like the BAU does in CM and there’s a bit of a love interest between Casey and an FBI agent that is a part of….get this….the BAU! AND….his nickname is Hutch! Similarities anyone? But anyway, if your really into the world of how the minds of criminals work, the amazing technology that helps find them and edge of your seat action of course then this book is right up your alley. I give it a 5 out of 5. The real gut-twister is the 3rd book. But that’s a post for a later date.

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