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A couple of days ago I suggested that the fans of Criminal Minds should read the Forensics Instincts series. I reviewed the first book, The Girl Who Disappeared Twice. So now I’m going to review the second book.

In The Line Between Here and Now, Amanda Gleason’s son, Justin, has a rare immune deficiency and his only chance of survival lies within his father, who was murdered before Justin was even born. But surprising evidence proves otherwise. Amanda relies on Casey and her team of investigators to uncover the truth.

Honestly, this book had a bigger plot twist than the first and it will shock you. At least it did for me. At this point two more characters are added to the Forensics Instincts team and things are heating up between Ryan and one of them. Was a spoiler alert? Hmmm. Not sure. Anyway, if you read the first book you already see it coming. One thing about the plot is that someone working close to Amanda had something to do with his boyfriend’s death. It’s weird because right off the bat you have an idea about who it is but then a new round of characters are introduced and it makes you doubt your instinct.

Altogether, like the rest of the series, this a good read. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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PS-The Girl on the Train is set to be in theaters in October. However, I plan on reading it before then. So be on the lookout for a review. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot like Gone Girl in more ways than one but I’ll give it try.