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I recently finished reading Girl On The Train and I have to say…I wasn’t really feeling it.

This book’s main character is Rachel Watson, a woman who takes the train to work everyday. On the way she watches “Jason and Jess”, a couple who she believes has the perfect relationship. Then one day “Jess” goes missing and Rachel is determined to find out what happened to her.

The plot was original, I’ll say that but overall it was your typical mediocre thriller. I think I had high expectations because it was put in the same category as Gone Girl. So I was expecting something a little more sinister. Without trying to give anything away, Rachel’s character is a bit pathetic and sad and to be honest, after a while, her antics got really old really fast. This is Paula Hawkins first thriller and hopefully she’ll write another one because I do believe she has potential. I haven’t fully seen the movie trailer but I have seen who is going to be playing who. Based off of looks alone I can see Emily Blunt as Rachel and Haley Bennett and Luke Evans as “Jason and Jess.” However, I can’t see Rebecca Ferguson as Anna or Justin Theroux as Tom. To me, Tom looks like a charismatic gentleman who you would never guess could be mean and in my experience, Theroux automatically gives off a bad boy vibe. But like I said, this is based off of looks alone. I give the book a 3 out of 5.

Not sure if I already put this link up but, oh well! Here are books to read if you liked Gone Girl. Some of these book don’t seem like they should be put into the same category as Gone Girl but I’m interested in reading the Silent Wife.

Until next time!