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The next book on my TBR list is The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It is the fourth book to the Millennium series aka The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Of course, I’m going to do a book review on the fourth book but if I do it probably wouldn’t make much sense. So, I wanted to take the time to review the previous three books which I have read.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo follows Mikael Blomkvist, a journalist, who is hired by a wealthy man to find his niece 40 years after her disappearance. He teams up with computer wiz and misfit Lisbeth Salander to uncover not only the truth but lies and untold secrets. I want to start off by saying this book is really disturbing and crazy but it’s soooooo good! Lisbeth Salander is an orphan who has been bounced around between families and some of them are very unsavory characters. Like the shit that goes down between her and her guardian is so unbelievable and raw and it makes you cringe. Even the family secrets you uncover in the book is so…..for lack of a better world, unbelievable. That’s my word for this post. However, the obstacles that Salander overcomes is admiring. The book was later turned into a movie starring Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. At first, it seemed weird that Craig would be playing Blomkvist because at the time he was the new James Bond. But after watching the movie he turned out to be a good fit. Mara on the other hand nailed it! I give the book a 4 out of 5 but the movie a 2.5-3 out of 5.

The Girl Who Played With Fire is where it gets really interesting. Two reporters are murdered following a story leading to a sex trafficking ring. And the prints on the murder weapon belong to Lisbeth Salander. Mikael Blomkvist, convinced that his friend didn’t do it, sets out to clear her name.

Out of all three books this one was the best! The first installment was a jumping off point for the series. This book is where the real deep stuff comes into play. At this time Salander has to lay low to avoid the police. But the murders force her to revisit her past. This woman never had a chance. Yes, she is a strong, independent genius but she’s also venerable and no matter how much she hates to admit it, she wants to be loved. While Blomkvist is off clearing her name, we are taken into the depths of Salander’s life and how she to got to where she is now. Luckily, no second movie was made and I sincerely hope there never will be. I give to book a 5 out of 5.

Finally, we have The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Lisbeth Salander is in the hospital under surveillance after somebody tried to kill her and almost succeeded. In steps Mikael Blomkvist who once again comes to her rescue. He is determined to find Salander’s killer and put the case of the two dead reporters to rest. Even though I have yet to read the fourth book, this was a nice ending to the series so far. This third installment is pretty much a continuation of Salander’s life and how exactly her family fits into all three books. I also give this book a 4 out of 5.

So there you have it. A concise summery of the Millennium series sans The Girl In the Spider’s Web. Even though the series is raunchy and disturbing I still hope some people will be interested in reading it. The author of the series Stieg Larsson is Swedish so I believe the book was actually translated into English once upon a time. Also, there is a Swedish movie version (the original version) of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Personally, I’m not into foreign movies, except maybe French, but if you’re into that type of stuff you should check it out.

Until next time!