This semester is finally over! My finals were on Thursday and I’m 100% sure I passed my psych final. The math…not so sure. Anyway, now that school is officially done I can get back to my pleasure reading. I’ve also decided to try something a little different with my blog. The purpose of this blog is to do book reviews. However, I’m always sharing anything that has to do with writing in general. So, I have decided to do some posts containing either poems, short stories or other pieces I’ve done this semester in my creative writing class. I hope you enjoy them. So the most recent piece I did was an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is when you create a poem based on a work of art. The piece of work I based the poem on is called Blind Faith by Yvonne Muide. The pictured is featured above.


Can They See?

Face down

Turned away from the entity you call a savior

Eyes closed

Ignorant to the messages delivered by the

creator of all creation

The gold letter “t” branded on your back

Melted into the flesh of a hypocrite disguised

as a born-again Christian

Arms stretched outstretched in the wrong way

Can you embrace Him like that?

Can you love Him in that position?


So we can see the face of one of His workers

The one who spite rhetoric of eternal damnation

but sins when the world isn’t watching

The one who sits on a pedestal preaching God’s

work but rests their feet on the backs of

innocent God-fearing men

Exhaustion engulfs the body

Result of much time spent spewing righteous

hot air created in a magical era that no

longer exist


Can they see?


Can they see past the evil verses and into

the positive syntax within?

Can they see?

Can they see that the world has changed?

That the word of the Almighty is

supposed to be loved and cherished?

Not molded to fit twisted needs?


Can they see?