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After seeing FanGirl on the shelf at Barnes and Noble I knew I just had to read it. I finished it last night and I was not disappointed.

Catch Avery is a huge Simon Snow fan (a fictional story about the world of magic). She loves it so much that she creates fan fiction about the two main characters and has thousands of fans. At 18, Catch tries the juggle her story, college life, boys and a relationship with her sister Wren.

Catch is not really a social person and she prefers staying indoors and fantasizing about the world of magic. And I can totally relate to that! She also has a very close attachment to her twin sister Wren which could border on annoying which is totally me as well. I’m an only child but I prefer hanging out with my one friend than with others. Or if I make a new friend during class I’m more likely to hang out with them than make friends with anybody else. It’s a little sad actually. Anyway, when I was reading the entries about Simon Snow, the first thing that came to my mind was Harry Potter. Which I think may have been what Simon Snow was modeled after since Harry Potter was a huge success over the years. There are some issues with Cath’s mom which I think could’ve been touched on a little more. I also think the ending was a little off. I got to the end of the last chapter and thought “oh shit, that’s the end?!” That’s how drawn in I was!

Overall, I give the book a 5/5!

Until next time!