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Today I am going to do two movie reviews back to back since I saw both movies back to back. A few days ago I finally watched Mockyjay part 2 and Allegiant years after I read the books.

Mockingjay was the final installment to the Hunger Games franchise. At this point the new and reformed District 13 is preparing to take the Capitol and rid the world of President Snow once and for all. First off, Mockingjay was the least interesting book of the series in my opinion. It was slow and honestly it was a bit of a let down to the ending of the whole franchise. The movie, however, was action packed and I think the director/producer/ whoever made it that way to living it up a bit. On the other hand, I was confused at times. As I is said before, I read the book years ago but I was still able to determine which parts were in the book and which were not. Honestly the whole movie had me hella confused! That whole thing with Madam Coin and Plutarch wanting to film videos of Katniss fighting for the rebellion was annoying at times. And the scenes where Katniss, Gale and other soilders were traipsing through the Capitol did not make sense to me at all for some reason. The scene where Katniss confronts President Snow made no sense. Where were they? Who’s house was she in leading up to that confrontation because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t hers. Also, at the end Katniss killed Madam Coin and went into hiding in her old Capital home from Catching Fire (when her and Peeta were supposedly engaged). Then some time later Peers shows up and Katniss says “You’re home.” Like where the hell was he for the past few weeks? And wherever he was he just decided that he wanted to be with Katniss all of of sudden? As I said, the book was a bit of a let down and so was the movie. But I’m not surprised. That’s what happens when you split a movie into two parts unnecessarily.

Overall, 2/5

*Sigh* Well……what can I say about Allegiant (you can see my review of the book here)? I didn’t like the last book of the Divergent series at all. And the movie wasn’t any better. Long story short; some parts of the movie were in the book, some weren’t. The ending of the movie didn’t have the same twist ending as the book. In fact the ending to the movie was anticlimactic. Not to mention the plot was a little all over the place. Now, I was under the impression that just like Hunger Games and Twilight and Harry Potter, that Allegiant was going to be split into two parts. So throughout the entire movie I was waiting for the it to cut off at some point and leave us with a cliffhanger that will somewhat propel us into part 2. But that didn’t happen. I found out that the ratings were so low on this movie that they decided to make the next installment, Ascendent into a TV movie. Thank God!

Once again I give it a 2/5.

Until next time!