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It’s time for another book review!

A few day ago I finished reading The Man with a Load of Mischief. It’s set in a village in England where multiple murders have been committed and it’s up to Richard Jury to solve the case. I don’t know why but books set in England are so fascinating to me. Maybe it’s because of the language or because it’s set in another county but I love them. This book wasn’t a gory true crime novel or particularly action packed and I didn’t expect it to be. There was one particular loose end about a certain character and his wife that I thought needed to cleared up. It should’ve been a quick read but it did take me about a week to read it. Overall I give it a 3/5. There is a whole series surround Richard Jury and his adventures and I intend to (attempt) to read them all.

The next books TBR are Cinder from the Lunar Chronicle and Four which is part of the Divergent series. To be honest I’m quite over the Divergent series but it was on my list from when the series was popular so I thought “what the hell?” However, I’m very excited to read Cinder. The first time I saw the book it was on the shelf at Target and it has taken me years to finally get to it. I heard it was a great book so, I will admit, I have high expectations about it.

Until next time!