So…….in my last book review about The Lunar Chronicles I said that Winter was the fourth and final book. And it is. However, Fairest. is techinally the fourth book. It’s the story of Queen Levana’s life before she became Queen of Luna; about her sister’s abuse, her crooked sense of love and how she staged Princess Selene’s death many years ago. This book actually came out before Winter back in 2015 but honestly you don’t miss anything if you read these two books out of order. In a way you feel bad for Levana despite her despicable ways. Her parents never loved her, her sister tourtered her and even her husband claims he never really love even after 10 years of marriage. I pitied Levana. Just like the book Four from the Divergent series they was nothing particularly exciting about this read because you get a sense of the story already from the previous installments. But I’ll still give it a rating.

Overall, a 3/5.