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Mirrored is the latest book written by the very talented Alex Flinn

Violet wants nothing more than to be beautiful. So when she meets Kendra, a witch, who helps Violet tap into her own powers, she creates a whole new persona that sets her on a path of revenge.

Celine is Violet’s stepdaughter who has been beautiful since birth but Celine things her beauty is an annoyance. Regardless, that doesn’t stop Violet from feeling threatened by her and taking drastic measures to make sure she is the fairest of them all.

I absolutely love fairy tale retellings. It’s cool to see how different authors are able to retell each story differently. This book is the retelling of Snow White. The witch of the story, Kendra, has actually made multiple appearances in previous Alex Flinn books, such as Beastly and Bewitching. Like a few of Flinn’s book this one started off in a different era as to give us background on a few characters. This book started off in the 80s when Violet was a teenager and it gave us insight as to why she became who she was in the first place. I did think it got a bit cheesy at the end but I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised at how Goose’s family was so willing to accept that witchcraft and magic exists but it helped moved the story along. I do like Goose’s character: he’s funny, quirky, outspoken and oh so very sweet. I also like how the author didn’t make him the typically high school dreamboat but then again I think that was the point. At some point you do feel a little sorry for Violet. She was bullied because of her looks and she harbored so much anger and pain she took it out on anybody. Which goes to show you, you can be pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. But with that aside, I think Flinn did another creative job with a classic fairy tale.

Overall, I give it 4/5.

Until next time!