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My favorite book blog is ThriceRead and I always like the book tags they put up. So here is the Guilty Reader book tag Continue reading


Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)


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This is the fourth and final installment to the Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer.

With the marriage alliance between Kai and Queen Levana now taking on Lunar, Cinder and the rest of her friends now have a chance of convincing the Lunar inhabitants to rebel against Her Majesty, leaving Cinder to take her rightful place as Queen.

This book was the longest of the series. Maybe a little too long. This installment needed to give us background into Princess Winter’s life (the retelling of Snow White) while also trying to effectively close out the overall story. Regardless of its length I enjoyed it. I also noticed that all four of the female characters aren’t together in the same room until the end of the book. Minor detail I’m observing, mind you. I was also kind of confused with some fight scenes. The description of some of the characters that were fighting each other didn’t make sense to me. My favorite character in this series has to be Cinder. One, because she’s a freaking cyborg with a computer in her head and gadgets in her hand, such as, a screwdriver, a flashlight and gun, no less! And two, because like Scarlet she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. My least favorite character was Wolf. Like I said in my review of Scarlet, I thought Wolf’s character was a little pathetic at times and I honestly think the only reason his character was put into the story was to create a suitable “prince” for Scarlet, even though the story of Red Riding Hood doesn’t have a prince. I also enjoyed picking up on the subtleties of the classic fairy tales Meyer incorporated into this book as well as the others: Cinder and her “glass slipper”, Scarlet with her red hoodie and Winter’s affiliation with apple sour candy (wink, wink).

Overall, I like how this series made the females out to be heroic and strong instead of “damsels in distress” like their classic fairy tale counterparts. It has a lot of female empowerment in it as well as swoon-worthy romances.

Overall: 5 out of 5!

Until next time!

PS: I’ve also taken the liberty of redecorating my blog design. I hope you guys like it!


Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)


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This series keeps getting better and better!

In the third installment of the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder and her band of misfits are on their way to rescue Cress, the hacker who warned Cinder of Queen Levana’s intention for Earth in the first book. But the mission goes awry and the team is separated. Now Cinder must come up with a plan to rescue her friends AND stop Queen Levana from taking over Earth.

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve become about this series since I first started reading it (read my reviews here and here)! The third book is the retelling of the classic fairy tale Repunzel and I was not disappointed with the way Marissa Meyer modernized it. I love the character of Thorne; he’s a charming and sarcastic thief who Cinder befriended in the last book. His character really has a chance to shine as he and Cress get closer together and I could not stop laughing at his antics. I laughed out laugh at a particular scene when the whole team was reunited. I also noticed that Scarlet has a so-called “prince charming” in her life when Red Riding Hood isn’t a princess fairy tale. However, I appreciate the twist. I absolutely cannot wait to read Winter, the lunar princess who was introduced in the last chapter or so. I’ll be disappointed when the series ends but so far I have loved every minute of it.

Once again, I give this a 5/5.

Until next time!

PS: if anybody has info on any books that are similar to this series, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Top Five Monday | Recommendations for YA Readers Ready to Branch Out

Thrice Read

So as you guys may or may not know yet, I love the top ten Tuesday’s that the Broke and the Bookish holds weekly. However, I am only posting on Sunday’s and Monday’s so I went ahead and changed it up a bit and made a Top Five Monday!

So this week The Broke and the Bookish did a free-for-all and let us chose who to recommend books to, I decided to choose YA readers that are wanting to branch out into new genres, particularly the adult genres!


5. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss | Ok… so I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s for a good reason! The man still hasn’t released the next book for the series and it’s been 3 years. I’m not about to join the thousands of people angrily waiting for the next book, I’ll patiently wait until he decides to…

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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2)


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I literally just finished this book a few minutes ago and I was not disappointed!

Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother has been missing for over a week and with the help of a street fighter named Wolf, Scarlet sets out to find her. This is the second book to Merissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles. In this book we focus on the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Like Cinder, Scarlet is pretty badass. She even carries around a gun that her grandmother taught her to use when she was eleven! How bizarre is that! Wolf’s character is supposed to be a little broken but at times I thought he was a little too pathetic.

At the same time this is happening, Cinder is trying to deal with a revelation that scientist, Dr. Erland revealed to her at the end of the first book( read review here). Towards the end of the second installment she meets up with Scarlet which sets them on the path to meet Cress who is the next character is this series.

I have to say this series is highly entertaining! Unlike Alex Flynn’s retelling of the classice fairy tales, the Lunar Chronicles overlap and they characters interact with each other which I love. Overall, I give the second book a 5/5.

Until next time!


From the Laundry Room

Apparently traditional tampons contain chemicals.

Sorry male readers, you might want to skip this post or use it as an opportunity to get over the whole, “eww tampons” business. I’m sure the females in your life will appreciate the effort.

Back on topic, tampons, as in the materials that make up the things, have chemicals according to some article I read. They are not regulated by the FDA, which is strange since they are literally put inside female bodies.

I really need to work on not reading things and then spending half my day researching and creating a life plan based on the information some college intern probably posted on a lifestyle feed I’ll never be able to find again.

Focus is not my strong suit to begin with, so those extra little “you might also be interested in this” links are a killer. Last week I was almost convinced…

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Go Ask Alice


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Yesterday I finished the book Go Ask Alice and it was not what I expected.

Go Ask Alice is about a 15 year old who develops a drug habit which eventually leads to an overdose that takes her life.

The book is written in diary form and was considered to be based off a real life girl in the 70s. Later on, it was thought to be the fictional work of a therapist. Regardless, this read was eye-opening as well as heartbreaking. The narrator led a perfectly normal life until someone spiked her drink with LSD during a party game. And that one drink led her to become hooked on speed, acid, tranquilizers, etc. What was so amazing was that during this turbulent time the narrator still found time to journal her thoughts. I honestly can’t believe that any drug addict would find the time to journal almost everyday (whether the person is fictional or not). What I hate was that the narrator wanted very much to quit but it was not going to be done cold-turkey. There is a part at the end of the book where she goes on a really bad acid trip and ends up in an insane asylum. Now I’m sure what the procedure is for stuff like that but an insane asylum didn’t seem appropriate. But then again this was the 70s. Another thing I hated was that her parents thought the drug addicts she was hanging out with were nice, wholesome students. Every last one of them! Maybe they just didn’t want to see it. Unfortunately, the narrator was one of thousands of teens that overdosed that particular year.

Honestly, I have no desire to try drugs. Especially the hard stuff. Also, this is why people, especially the young ones need to be careful about where they go and what kind of people they hang out with because not everybody has your best interest at heart. Regardless of whether the book is fictional or not it talks about a very real subject among us. It’s no wonder why it was considered a best seller.

I’m not going to rate this book because of the controversy on whether or not it was fiction. But I will say that everybody should read this in order to get some kind of insight on drug addiction.

Until next time!

Michael Vey: Fall of Hades


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Michael Vey: Fall of Hades is the 6th book in the Michael vey series ( I started reading the series sometime in my freshman year of high school, I believe. Waaaaay before I even started this blog. So, unfortunately this book review may not make sense to anybody who hasn’t already read the series. However, I will give a brief summary of the previous 5 books in order to catch you all up to speed.

Micheal Vey is not an ordinary 14-year-old. He was born with special electric powers, along with many other children. Along with his best friend Ostin and Taylor Ridley they embark on an adventure to stop Hatch; a cruel man hell-bent on kidnapping Michael and the other electric children for his own twisted agenda, to help aid him in building an electric empire known as the Elgen. As the story goes on, the trio help rescue a small group of Hatch’s ‘children’ who refuse to take part in his plans, escape from an electric bowl filled with man-eating rats, sink one of the Elgen’s ships and rescue a Chinese genius known as Jade Dragon. These electric middle-schoolers now call themselves the Electroclan. All of these missions are being orchestrated by The Voice; a mysterious man who helps the Electroclan take down Hatch.

Hopefully, that short paragraph gave a little insight. In the latest installment, the Electroclan is on the mission to rescue Hatch’s right hand man, David Welch, who escaped from the Elgen and also to take over the Ampere, another one of the Elgen’s ships.

One of the reasons I like this series is because it’s serious but also very innocent. These kids, with the except of maybe 2, aren’t even 16 yet! There is still so much of their lives they need to live and yet they risk it all to save the world all before high school graduation! There is also a little bit of romance that takes place and even the ‘L’ have been said multiple times. Which sometimes makes me laugh because as I said before these kids are young and experiencing first loves. It’s adorable. One thing that confuses me every time is the amount of characters in this series. There are maybe 20 children with electric powers and it’s hard to keep track of them all. And at least 4 or 5 of them have names that begin with a ‘T’ so that makes it worst. There is also a lot of details and activities that I thought was unnecessary; like “Michael went to take a shower then came back and took a nap” or “We went to the ballroom and had breakfast. Afterwards, we went back up to our rooms and grabbed our bags. We headed towards the plane in silence.” Stuff like that. I didn’t think it was necessary to include EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and activity these kids did. Each chapter was less than 5 pages which made this a quick read and I look forward to the 7th and final book.

Overall, I give it a 4/5.


The Cake Book Tag


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Thank you to thrice read for yet another interesting book tag

1. CHOCOLATE CAKE (a dark book you absolutely love)

Gone Girl. It was raw and gritty and Amy was psychotic but I loved it!

2. VANILLA CAKE (a light read)

I would go with Fahrenheit 451.

3. RED VELVET (a book that gave you mixed emotions)

The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while and I did. But it wasn’t what I expected.

4. CHEESECAKE (a book you would recommend to anyone)

The Midnight Hour. It’s from a female POV but Kitty is pretty badass for anyone.

5. COFFEE CAKE (a book you started but never finished)

Here Comes the Sun. I bought it for my creative writing class but I have yet to finish it.

6. CARROT CAKE (a book with great writing)


7. TIRAMISU (book that left you wanting more)

The Man With a Load of Mischief