Dave vs. The Monsters: Emergence


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I am coming at you with another book review and this was a pretty interesting read.

Dave Hooper can’t believe his eyes when he shows up on his oil rig and sees otherwordly monsters killing his coworkers left and right. After successfully killing one of them, and inhabiting its powers, Dave is willing to work with the government in order to figure out what these beings are and where they came from.

From reading the synopsis I thought this was going to be a monster-apocalypse type situation but it wasn’t. Dave is on his way to the rig in a helicopter like any other day when suddenly there is a call coming in that the monsters have attacked it. So pretty much the book didn’t give much buildup to the emergence (haha) of these monsters. The parts that really confused me were the chapters from the POV of the monsters. They are unaware of the progress of human civilization so everything in the human world is a huge culture shock to them. Their wording of everyday objects were a little hard to decipher at times. The entire time that Dave is in military custody (for lack of a better word) just seemed to drag on and was slow. Dave as a person was your typical macho, pigheaded, (dare I say redneck?) male. He kept constantly pointing out the fact that he had sex with two “high class hookers” the night before in almost every chapter, he’s has no shame as indicative of the fact that he thinks about the multiple women he’s cheated on his wife with, he curses a lot which wasn’t surprising but annoying at times and he considers himself a bad husband as well as a bad father. He’s an all around a**hole. But working for the government and fighting off these monsters displays the characters typical need for redemption. Because of Dave’s misogynistic and brash personality it was challenging to identify with him. But despite that I couldn’t put the book down. It was very raw and gritty but also humorous.

Overall, I give the book a 4/5.


The Dead Zone


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So today I will be reviewing my first Stephen King novel, The Dead Zone.

After being in a coma for almost five years, John Smith has developed a gift, or perhaps a curse, of clairvoyance.

When I first read the title of the book I thought it would be a ghost story but it wasn’t until I read the synopsis on Wikipedia that I realized it was more of a sci-fi type. The book did get off to slow start. Mainly because the author put a lot of background into the parts leading up to John’s accident which caused him to be in a coma. It wasn’t until he came out of it and started using his new-found powers that the book started to pick up. But not by much. In my opinion I thought the explanations were a little too much which made the novel somewhat boring at times. The ending was a little…..anticlimactic. Even though this book wasn’t necessarily horror based I was looking for a little more thrills. This book was mostly eerie but interesting nonetheless. This won’t deter me however from reading more Stephen King novels.

Overall, I give it 3/5.

Until next time!

The Death Cure review


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Here, guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will doing a review on the movie The Death Cure which is the third installment in The Maze Runner franchise (read review for the first installment here). I did realize, however, that I have not done a book review on the Death Cure. At least I don’t think I did. It has been at least 3 years since I’ve read The Maze Runner Series so I had to reacquaint myself with the plot by going to Wikipedia. Honestly, as I was reading the plot I barely had any memory of that stuff really happening. So before watching the movie I knew that there was going to be trouble differentiating between what was in the book and what wasn’t. But……well…..let’s go down the list of differences.


1) Pretty much the entire movie was a rescue mission of everybody trying to save Minho from WICKED. Which I damn sure know didn’t happen in the book.

2) Apparently Brenda and Jorge we were working for WICKED the entire time but that didn’t happened in the movie and I’m glad for that.

3) Newt does die by Thomas’ hand¬† because he was infected with the virus. But in the movie he was stabbed in a fight between the two not deliberately shot because Newt asked Thomas to.

4) Teresa dies as well but not by falling rocks from running though the maze but by the collasping WICKED building that the resistance had bombed. Honestly, I accepted her death better in the movie than the book because her death to me was a little too, for lack of a better word, comical. Or juvenile. I mean the whole collapsing building thing was cliche but it worked.

5) In the book the Gladers have to return to the maze to evacuate all the Immunes (people who are immune to the virus) as well as others before the bomb the resistance has planted detonates. This is also when Teresa dies. I thought this was really good turning point in the book but they changed it in the movie. The Immunes still needed to be saved but they were saved by Gally leading them from their cells in the WICKED complex to a bus where Brenda led them to safety.

The ending was pretty much the same with the Immunes retreating to an island called the Safe Haven to start rebuilding. Towards the end of the movie Teresa fashioned a serum out of Thomas’ blood claiming it to be the legitimate cure. Thomas holds the serum in his hand as he looks out over the horizon which gave me a sense of foreboding. I really, really, REALLY, hope they are not planning to make another movie. Just like the Scorch Trials film majority of the movie did not correspond with the book. It was entertaining to watch I’ll give it that.

Overall, 3/5.

The Release (The Prey #3)


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So I have finished the third and final book to Tom Isbell’s series The Prey, The Release. Read review of book #1 here and #2 here.

After successful surviving another terrible ordeal the Less Thans and Sisters must battle more Brown Shirts, wolves and stop Chancellor Maddox from completely destroying the world.

In my other reviews I said the books had an adolescent feel to it and this last book was no different. It was also pretty straightforward but I will say that unlike the first book this one was evenly paced. Once again, however, Book and Hope’s relationship continued to annoy me. Especially considering a certain deformity Hope endured in book number 2. Overall the book was pretty mediocre. Nothing really exciting. I will say it’s amazing how much physical pain these kids have endured and didn’t have any broken bones and still have the drive to keep moving.

Overall, 3/5

Until next time!



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It has been a while since I last posted a piece from my creative writing class. I wrote this piece to help me get into the mode of writing a poem in lyrical form or narrative form. I chose lyrical for this poem. Unfortunately it is not title but maybe something will think one up for me :). So without further ado, here it is.

They look like little rainbows

Darting back and forth

Swimming in circles


Their fluroscent skin

Feels cool against the warm flesh

Like a marble

They kiss the water


Like a lover

Eyes wide with wonder


They dance in coordination

Like an orchestra

And feast on speckled green


Gulp, gulp, gulp




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It has been a few weeks but I am coming at you with another book review today. I am going to be reviewing the book Schizo by Nic Sheff.

Miles is a teenage schizophrenic who is on a mission to find his younger brother Teddy who was kidnapped 2 years before hand. From what I understand the author himself has suffered through mental illness as well as drug addiction issues in his teenage years. So this book is loosely based off his own experiences. This made for an interesting read but I have to admit that I hoping for a little more rawness. I’m not saying that what Miles went though wasn’t extremely difficult and traumatizing but it seemed too fluffly. The title of the book as well as the synopsis lead me to believe that this plot was going to be a little more….for lack of a better word, disorganized, considering the main character’s mental illness. This book was a quick read. Finished it in a day actually. I didn’t like Miles and Eliza’s relationship. It was too rushed and seemed kind of fake. The reason why I found this so interesting is because it did give me a peek inside the mind of someone with a mental illness, despite the fact that I considered it fluffy. But I did enjoy it to some extent.

Overall, I give at a 2.5/5

Until next time!

PS: There is a book that I believe is similar to Schizo called Spider by Patrick McGrath. Be on the lookout for that review soon.



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I have just finished reading Unforgiven by Lauren Kate so this post of course is going to be the review.

Unforgiven is a novel that is a part of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. So before I get to the review I would like to give a little background into the Fallen series. Luce (Lucinda) is attending Sword and Cross reform school where she mets Daniel. For some reason she is very drawn to Daniel but doesn’t understand why. Come to find out Luce is a reincarnation of Daniel’s past love who are destined to never be together. At the end of the series, everything turned out nicely (of course). So Unforgiven is about Cam, a fallen angel, and his true whom he abandoned millennia ago. Now he’s enduring the depths of Hell in order to win her back. I was pretty excited when this book first came out years ago because I enjoyed reading the Fallen series. However, the series was like any other teenage love story and Unforgiven was no different. After a while it was pretty irritating watching Cam’s love, Lillith, throw her rage at him in every chapter. Without spoilers there was some evil forces at work but still. Because this was a book series I read back in middle school, and I’m older now, I didn’t enjoy the read as much as I would have back then. Overall, I give the book a 2-3/5.

Until next time!

A Mercy


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One of the great things about an ending college semester is that I have time for pleasure reading. So I am going to do a review of Toni Morrison’s book A Mercy.¬†

A Dutch trader takes a little slave girl named Florens as payment for debt that was owed to him. This book is from Florens’ point of view as well as Lina, the older woman who cared for her and Sorrow, the young girl who talks to herself.

Honestly, I did not like it. This book was national best seller but I really couldn’t get into it. I believe the novel has a lot of symbolism and philosophical aspects to it but unfortunately…it just didn’t work for me. This is the very first book I’ve read by Toni Morrison and it was kind of a let down. Not saying that Morrison is a horrible writer I just couldn’t get into this particular read. As you can see this review is a pretty short review.

Overall, I give it a 1/5.

Until next time!

Devil in the Blue Dress film


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Just one more week of classes, then finals, then the semester is over! Today I will be reviewing the film version of Devil in the Blue Dress. If you have not read my review of the book please click here.

So Devil in the Blue Dress is about an African American man who is hired to find a Caucasian woman. This movie stars Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle and Jennifer Beals (in my last post I said Jessica, so my apologies). If you do not know who any of these actors are then you must’ve been hiding under a rock your whole life. The movie itself wasn’t spectacular but Denzel always gives 110% no matter what. It took me off guard when I found out that Cheadle was going to be playing Mouse. Even though he very much so fit the character description I just couldn’t see Cheadle being a trigger-happy killer. But his performance stood out the most. He gave a humorous feel to Mouse’s otherwise serious character. Jennifer Beals is gorgeous, let’s get that out of the way first, but like Cheadle her being cast as Daphne Monet caught me off guard. Especially because in the book Daphne is described as having blond hair and blue eyes, whereas Beals has dark hair and dark eyes. I think it worked out better this way because Beals herself is biracial so most likely she would have darker features. Out of all the characters the three mentioned above were the ones who matched their character descriptions the most. Tom Sizemore plays Albright who is the man that hires Easy (Washington) to find Daphne. I pictured Albright to be tall and skinny and very, for lack of a better word, gangster-like. I didn’t get that vibe from him at all. He played his part well, however.

As I said before the movie wasn’t Oscar-worthy or anything like that but it was still interesting to watch.

Overall, 3/5

Until next time!

Devil in a Blue Dress


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Hello, people!

I cannot believe that this semester is almost over. I have two weeks of classes left (not including finals weeks) and of course they will go by soooooooo sloooooooooooooow. But I am here with another book review from my English class.

Devil in a Blue Dress is about a black man named Easy Rawlins who is hired to find Daphne Monet, a white woman. Easy uses his connections in the black community to find Daphne and ends up traveling down a dark road of murder, blackmail and even pedophilia.

This book is actually the first book where the “detective” is African American which makes sense because the author, Walter Mosley, is African American himself. Like The Big Sleep there were so many characters in this story that I thought wasn’t necessary. It was a complicated plot but once you go though the process from start to finish you understood it more clearly. This book had a big impact on our class discussions because as I said before it had a black “detective” and so of course a lot of our discussion topics were about race. One of the reasons why I liked the book so much was because I could relate to it better than the other detective novels. The language, the mentality, the community reminded me of my family the black community in general. Also like The Big Sleep there was some sexual connotations in the book. However, The Big Sleep was written in the 1930s-1940s so the idea of pornography or any kind of sexual conduct was deemed as immoral. Devil in a Blue Dress was written in 1990 so the sex isn’t that big of a deal. I think the book was well written, even-paced, some characters could’ve been omitted but it was still a great read.

Overall, 4/5

We are currently at the start of the movie which stars Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle and Jessica Beals. So be on the lookout for that review.

Until next time!