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Mirrored is the latest book written by the very talented Alex Flinn

Violet wants nothing more than to be beautiful. So when she meets Kendra, a witch, who helps Violet tap into her own powers, she creates a whole new persona that sets her on a path of revenge.

Celine is Violet’s stepdaughter who has been beautiful since birth but Celine things her beauty is an annoyance. Regardless, that doesn’t stop Violet from feeling threatened by her and taking drastic measures to make sure she is the fairest of them all.

I absolutely love fairy tale retellings. It’s cool to see how different authors are able to retell each story differently. This book is the retelling of Snow White. The witch of the story, Kendra, has actually made multiple appearances in previous Alex Flinn books, such as Beastly and Bewitching. Like a few of Flinn’s book this one started off in a different era as to give us background on a few characters. This book started off in the 80s when Violet was a teenager and it gave us insight as to why she became who she was in the first place. I did think it got a bit cheesy at the end but I wasn’t surprised. I was surprised at how Goose’s family was so willing to accept that witchcraft and magic exists but it helped moved the story along. I do like Goose’s character: he’s funny, quirky, outspoken and oh so very sweet. I also like how the author didn’t make him the typically high school dreamboat but then again I think that was the point. At some point you do feel a little sorry for Violet. She was bullied because of her looks and she harbored so much anger and pain she took it out on anybody. Which goes to show you, you can be pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. But with that aside, I think Flinn did another creative job with a classic fairy tale.

Overall, I give it 4/5.

Until next time!


The Asylum Book Tag


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Thank you to ThriceRead for another book tag.

1. A book couple that drove you nuts?

Book and Hope from The Capture. Their relationship was on again off again and so on. It was just so annoying.

2. You’re going off the rails fast: name a book series that will pull you out of the dark place?


3. Name a book that messed with your head and left you shaking?

Either Gone Girl or We Need to Talk About Kevin. Both books are similar in context but none the less creepy.

4. You are going into solitary confinement for one year and you can only bring one book series. What would it be?

Ugh! If I had to bring one book and one book only it would Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles. Love that series!

5. BREAK OUT! Name one character that would help you escape the asylum?

Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles. She broke out of a prison once why not an asylum?

6.You are stuck in an asylum: name one character you would chose as a cellmate?

I may be cheating at this point. Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles. He was locked in a prison cell before and I believe he would make me laugh all day.

7. Name a character that you would be terrified to be locked up with?

Hatch from the Michael Very series. He’d get inside my head and start messing with me psychologically.

The Raven King


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This is the fourth book to a series called the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. I started reading this series back in high school and to perfectly honest……70-80% of the series I do not remember, HOWEVER, I will do my best to catch you up to speed.

The Raven Cycle is about a group of teenagers who spend their time looking for a deceased Welsh king. It is said that whoever wakes the king will be granted a favor. One of the main characters, Blue Sargent, couldn’t fathom the idea of hanging out with the privileged Aglionby boys, Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah but finds herself compelled to befriend them anyway. The catch? Blue comes from a family of psychics who inform her that she’ll kill her true love with a kiss. And her true love is none other than Gansey himself. In addition, Ronan is a dream thief who can bring items back from his dreams, Adam is connected to a magical forest and Noah is a ghost. These band of teenagers are in for an adventure that they will never forget.

Now that you all are up to speed (sort of) let’s get into the review of The Raven King.

It is the year that Gansey is said to die and the gang has not yet stopped looking for the Welsh King Glendower. But something is wrong with Cabeswater, the magical forest that Adam is connected to. It’s being destroyed and these four teens must figure out why.

As I said before it’s been a while since I started reading The Raven Cycle so it took me a while to get up to speed. I even had to read the plot on Wikipedia for a memory jog. But anyway, the addition of Henry Cheng was a nice touch. To me he added humor to the book in a different way that Ronan does. There was also a bit of romance between two other characters that I did not see coming, nor will I get into in order to keep this review spoiler free but I thought that was a nice addition to the plot as well. I will say that for a bunch of teenegers they have very profound and deep ways of thinking as well as an impressive vocabulary. To be quite honest, I got about halfway though the book before I realized that I had little to know clue what the hell was going on. Not that Maggie Stiefvater is a bad author (I’ve read other books by her and I’ve enjoyed them), its just that there was a lot going on and it confused me.

Overall, I give it a 2.5-3/5.

The Capture (The Prey #2)


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Today I finished reading The Capture which is the second book to Tom Isbell’s, The Prey.

In this next installment Book, Hope and others teens who escaped their prison camps head back from their safe haven in the New Territory in order to save the friends they left behind. In my last review of this series I said The Prey had an adolescent feel to it and I’m not surprised that this book had the same feel to it. I also said that I was happy to learn that the main characters were people of color and to honest I’m started to doubt that. But anyway, I can relate to the character of Book; he loves to read (obviously), he’s shy and he’s not really a natural-born leader but people listen to him when it matters. Honestly, there were times I wanted Book to tell off the character Dozer in the book but that didn’t happen. What also got on my nerves was his relationship with Hope. They’re not really boyfriend and girlfriend considering the dire situation of it all but they have this on again off again thing going on. First Hope wants to ignore Book, then she wants to hold his hand, then she hates him, then she loves him. It was annoying! But they’re teenagers so……whatever. But I enjoyed the book just like the last one; it had humor, action and emotion.

Overall, I give it a 3/5.

Until next time!

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles)

So…….in my last book review about The Lunar Chronicles I said that Winter was the fourth and final book. And it is. However, Fairest. is techinally the fourth book. It’s the story of Queen Levana’s life before she became Queen of Luna; about her sister’s abuse, her crooked sense of love and how she staged Princess Selene’s death many years ago. This book actually came out before Winter back in 2015 but honestly you don’t miss anything if you read these two books out of order. In a way you feel bad for Levana despite her despicable ways. Her parents never loved her, her sister tourtered her and even her husband claims he never really love even after 10 years of marriage. I pitied Levana. Just like the book Four from the Divergent series they was nothing particularly exciting about this read because you get a sense of the story already from the previous installments. But I’ll still give it a rating.

Overall, a 3/5.

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4)


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This is the fourth and final installment to the Lunar Chronicles written by Marissa Meyer.

With the marriage alliance between Kai and Queen Levana now taking on Lunar, Cinder and the rest of her friends now have a chance of convincing the Lunar inhabitants to rebel against Her Majesty, leaving Cinder to take her rightful place as Queen.

This book was the longest of the series. Maybe a little too long. This installment needed to give us background into Princess Winter’s life (the retelling of Snow White) while also trying to effectively close out the overall story. Regardless of its length I enjoyed it. I also noticed that all four of the female characters aren’t together in the same room until the end of the book. Minor detail I’m observing, mind you. I was also kind of confused with some fight scenes. The description of some of the characters that were fighting each other didn’t make sense to me. My favorite character in this series has to be Cinder. One, because she’s a freaking cyborg with a computer in her head and gadgets in her hand, such as, a screwdriver, a flashlight and gun, no less! And two, because like Scarlet she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. My least favorite character was Wolf. Like I said in my review of Scarlet, I thought Wolf’s character was a little pathetic at times and I honestly think the only reason his character was put into the story was to create a suitable “prince” for Scarlet, even though the story of Red Riding Hood doesn’t have a prince. I also enjoyed picking up on the subtleties of the classic fairy tales Meyer incorporated into this book as well as the others: Cinder and her “glass slipper”, Scarlet with her red hoodie and Winter’s affiliation with apple sour candy (wink, wink).

Overall, I like how this series made the females out to be heroic and strong instead of “damsels in distress” like their classic fairy tale counterparts. It has a lot of female empowerment in it as well as swoon-worthy romances.

Overall: 5 out of 5!

Until next time!

PS: I’ve also taken the liberty of redecorating my blog design. I hope you guys like it!


Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)


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This series keeps getting better and better!

In the third installment of the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder and her band of misfits are on their way to rescue Cress, the hacker who warned Cinder of Queen Levana’s intention for Earth in the first book. But the mission goes awry and the team is separated. Now Cinder must come up with a plan to rescue her friends AND stop Queen Levana from taking over Earth.

I can’t tell you how excited I’ve become about this series since I first started reading it (read my reviews here and here)! The third book is the retelling of the classic fairy tale Repunzel and I was not disappointed with the way Marissa Meyer modernized it. I love the character of Thorne; he’s a charming and sarcastic thief who Cinder befriended in the last book. His character really has a chance to shine as he and Cress get closer together and I could not stop laughing at his antics. I laughed out laugh at a particular scene when the whole team was reunited. I also noticed that Scarlet has a so-called “prince charming” in her life when Red Riding Hood isn’t a princess fairy tale. However, I appreciate the twist. I absolutely cannot wait to read Winter, the lunar princess who was introduced in the last chapter or so. I’ll be disappointed when the series ends but so far I have loved every minute of it.

Once again, I give this a 5/5.

Until next time!

PS: if anybody has info on any books that are similar to this series, PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

Top Five Monday | Recommendations for YA Readers Ready to Branch Out

Thrice Read

So as you guys may or may not know yet, I love the top ten Tuesday’s that the Broke and the Bookish holds weekly. However, I am only posting on Sunday’s and Monday’s so I went ahead and changed it up a bit and made a Top Five Monday!

So this week The Broke and the Bookish did a free-for-all and let us chose who to recommend books to, I decided to choose YA readers that are wanting to branch out into new genres, particularly the adult genres!


5. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss | Ok… so I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s for a good reason! The man still hasn’t released the next book for the series and it’s been 3 years. I’m not about to join the thousands of people angrily waiting for the next book, I’ll patiently wait until he decides to…

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