Mockingjay part 2 and Allegiant


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Today I am going to do two movie reviews back to back since I saw both movies back to back. A few days ago I finally watched Mockyjay part 2 and Allegiant years after I read the books.

Mockingjay was the final installment to the Hunger Games franchise. At this point the new and reformed District 13 is preparing to take the Capitol and rid the world of President Snow once and for all. First off, Mockingjay was the least interesting book of the series in my opinion. It was slow and honestly it was a bit of a let down to the ending of the whole franchise. The movie, however, was action packed and I think the director/producer/ whoever made it that way to living it up a bit. On the other hand, I was confused at times. As I is said before, I read the book years ago but I was still able to determine which parts were in the book and which were not. Honestly the whole movie had me hella confused! That whole thing with Madam Coin and Plutarch wanting to film videos of Katniss fighting for the rebellion was annoying at times. And the scenes where Katniss, Gale and other soilders were traipsing through the Capitol did not make sense to me at all for some reason. The scene where Katniss confronts President Snow made no sense. Where were they? Who’s house was she in leading up to that confrontation because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t hers. Also, at the end Katniss killed Madam Coin and went into hiding in her old Capital home from Catching Fire (when her and Peeta were supposedly engaged). Then some time later Peers shows up and Katniss says “You’re home.” Like where the hell was he for the past few weeks? And wherever he was he just decided that he wanted to be with Katniss all of of sudden? As I said, the book was a bit of a let down and so was the movie. But I’m not surprised. That’s what happens when you split a movie into two parts unnecessarily.

Overall, 2/5

*Sigh* Well……what can I say about Allegiant (you can see my review of the book here)? I didn’t like the last book of the Divergent series at all. And the movie wasn’t any better. Long story short; some parts of the movie were in the book, some weren’t. The ending of the movie didn’t have the same twist ending as the book. In fact the ending to the movie was anticlimactic. Not to mention the plot was a little all over the place. Now, I was under the impression that just like Hunger Games and Twilight and Harry Potter, that Allegiant was going to be split into two parts. So throughout the entire movie I was waiting for the it to cut off at some point and leave us with a cliffhanger that will somewhat propel us into part 2. But that didn’t happen. I found out that the ratings were so low on this movie that they decided to make the next installment, Ascendent into a TV movie. Thank God!

Once again I give it a 2/5.

Until next time!

The Handmaid’s Tale


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I just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale last night and I have to say it was a little anticlimactic.

The story revolves around a newly reformed America in which women have no rights and are essentially breeders, otherwise known as a Handmaids. Offred is the narrator of the story who herself is a Handmaid.

A friend recommened this book to me and I finally got around to reading it. I don’t think Margaret Atwood meant for the story to be extremely dramatic. It was more so of a… between the lines type of deal. I looked at the reviews for this story and a lot of women said it was disturbing and to be fair it was. But it was also interesting. Like Fahrenheit 451 I think you can apply this concept to modern day society. Even though women have come a long way there are still situations where woman are seen as less than or as objects.

On the other hand, the way the story was told was confusing. There were times where Offred was toggling back and forth between her past life and current life so abruptly. Plus a lot of the dialogue had no quotations so I wasn’t sure who was talking or where a character’s line ended. Although the plot is fascinating to think about the way it was told was somewhat dull.

Overall, 2-3/5.

Girl on the Train movie review


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So, I finally watched the movie Girl on the Train months after reading the book. You can read my review of it here.

Even though I gave the book an average rating I have to say the movie was pretty damn accurate. In my book review post I said I couldn’t see Rebecca Ferguson as Anna but after watching the movie my mind has been changed. However, I still have to say I didn’t like Justin Theroux playing Tom. Honestly, you can just tell that he might be up to something. And can I just say that Haley Bennett looks exactly like Jennifer Lawrence! Like they could be sisters! I think the movie was very well casted.

The character of Rachel is really pathetic and I think Emily Blunt did a great job of portraying that. One thing I have to say that I didn’t like was the fact that in the book the story was set in England but in the movie it was set in America. More specifically, New York I believe. But compared to other things that little mishap was very minor. The movie didn’t put me on the edge of my seat like Gone Girl (book and movie) but I still enjoyed watching it.

Accuracy wise: 5/5

Overall: 3.5-4/5



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After seeing FanGirl on the shelf at Barnes and Noble I knew I just had to read it. I finished it last night and I was not disappointed.

Catch Avery is a huge Simon Snow fan (a fictional story about the world of magic). She loves it so much that she creates fan fiction about the two main characters and has thousands of fans. At 18, Catch tries the juggle her story, college life, boys and a relationship with her sister Wren.

Catch is not really a social person and she prefers staying indoors and fantasizing about the world of magic. And I can totally relate to that! She also has a very close attachment to her twin sister Wren which could border on annoying which is totally me as well. I’m an only child but I prefer hanging out with my one friend than with others. Or if I make a new friend during class I’m more likely to hang out with them than make friends with anybody else. It’s a little sad actually. Anyway, when I was reading the entries about Simon Snow, the first thing that came to my mind was Harry Potter. Which I think may have been what Simon Snow was modeled after since Harry Potter was a huge success over the years. There are some issues with Cath’s mom which I think could’ve been touched on a little more. I also think the ending was a little off. I got to the end of the last chapter and thought “oh shit, that’s the end?!” That’s how drawn in I was!

Overall, I give the book a 5/5!

Until next time!

Fahrenheit 451

So, I’ve gotten back on the reading bandwagon. Granted, I’m still binge watching multiple TV shows but, hey, it’s summer! A few days ago, I finished Fahrenheit 451. I saw it in the library and with it being a classic I had to pick it up.

Fahrenheit 451 is set in a furturistic world where firemen burn books. The main character Guy Montag is a firemen who sticks to the stays quo when he meets Clarissa who challenges his view of life as he knows it.

This was a quick read considering it was a little over a hundred pages. It was also a little challenging to read because it had a few metaphors in it that I didn’t understand until close to the end of the story. However, the author Ray Bradbury did write the book in the 1950s so he had a different point of view. The cool part about it was that you can apply the story to modern day life; the fact that society is so engaged with technology that nobody really reads anymore.

I have to admit I was expecting something a little more exciting with this read. And I also thought Clarissa’s character should’ve had a longer part in the book.

Overall, I give it 2.5-3 out of 5.

Buddy the Cockatoo


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So, I’ve been out of school for a few weeks now and I have yet to read a book! I know, I know. Shame on me! To be honest, I have the entire summer to read. Right now, I’m just enjoying watching TV for hours on end.

So in the last post I mentioned that I was going to be displaying a couple of pieces that I wrote in my creative writing class this semester. One of them being this Villanelle poem. It’s kind of hard to explain but a villanelle poem is a poem where the last word of the lines of the stanzas rhyme with other words in the other lines (or something like that). Click here for a better explanation. Typically, the poem has 19 lines but it can be longer. So without further ado, here is my villanelle poem: Buddy the Cockatoo. Enjoy! Until next time!

In a cage that was speckled with blue

and golden marble like paint

live Buddy, a small cockatoo.


He liked playing with worn out shoe

strings. A cute fellow, quite quaint

in a cage speckled with blue.


This weird hobby was somewhat new.

Takes the patience of a saint

to raise Buddy, the cockatoo.


Sometimes, loudly, he would chew

his food. His feathers, you can bank

on, swirled, whenever the wind blew.


He’d fly around in circles. “Shoo,”

you’d say. “Move along. Don’t taint

my work, Buddy the cockatoo.”

Alas! what else can you do?

Nestled warmly, at any rate,

in a cage that was speckled with blue

lived Buddy, a small cockatoo.


This semester is finally over! My finals were on Thursday and I’m 100% sure I passed my psych final. The math…not so sure. Anyway, now that school is officially done I can get back to my pleasure reading. I’ve also decided to try something a little different with my blog. The purpose of this blog is to do book reviews. However, I’m always sharing anything that has to do with writing in general. So, I have decided to do some posts containing either poems, short stories or other pieces I’ve done this semester in my creative writing class. I hope you enjoy them. Continue reading


It’s Been So Long!


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Omg! I can’t believe its been two months since I last posted. I have been so swamped with school I have absolutely no time for anything else…except watching the entire series of Charmed, but that’s not the point. The point is I have been so busy with classes that I haven’t read a single book in two months. There is one book that I’ve started reading but haven’t finished: Here Comes the Sun. 

It is told from the point of three woman who live in Jamaica and what their lives entail. It’s a very fascinating read so far and its relatable. At least for me.

As some of you may know (or don’t) Pinterest is my favorite app and a couple of days ago I came across a list of items that every reader would want to have. You can view the list here.

Hopefully, once school is over I can get back to my pleasure reading.

Until next time!

This entire post made me laugh!


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by Crowcombe Al Girl Scout Cookie season is upon us, and I’m scared. A bunch of Girl Scouts formed a gang that hangs out in front of my neighborhood grocery store. As I’m heading to my car, they step in front of me and say, “Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast, lady. We’ve made you…

via A Girl Scout Cookie Addict Speaks Out — The Gloria Sirens

Day and Night Book Tag


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I haven’t been able to read a book for  about a week because of my school and work but that’s not the point. The point is, as long as I do a book review life will be sweet.

D: Do you read more in the morning or at night?

More so at night. And late afternoon.

A: Are there any books that changed the way you thought about things?

The one that I really found “life-changing” was We Need to Talk About Kevin. You can see my review here. The book was more-so a psychological thriller that made me ponder about genetics and the whole nature vs nurture argument.

Y: YA or not?

I like YA every once in a while.

A: Are there any characters you honestly believe to be real?

Not really. I always think to myself if the character I’m reading about is based on a real person. Bu that’s about it.

N: Nobody borrows my books or I don’t mind lending them out?

I don’t mind lending a book out. To certain people.

D: Do you ever smell your books?

Um…of course!

N: Not everyone likes books, is this a positive or a negative?

It is what is it. I’ve learned everybody has different tastes and hobbies.

I: I keep my books in the best condition or maybe not? Which are you?

I try to keep my book sin the best condition.

G: Gosh I have too many books! True or False?

False. Compared to other readers my bookshelf is pretty puny.

H: Have you ever spilled or stained your books before with something, and if so how?

The only thing I can think of is noodle sauce!

T: Toned or untoned while reading? . . or in other words. . .Do you read and workout at the same time?

No, I do not.